Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

Stop criticizing other people’s secrets.
It doesn’t matter if you have it worse.
These people are still going through pain, and it doesn’t make it any less important if you’re problem seems worse.

From tumblr

I am waiting for him to love me back. This is the first time I have ever done this to a guy.

I wish he knew that i’m already tired.
I wish he knew that i tried to forget about him, before his birthday arrives. I wish he knew that I was not successful.
I wish he knew that i sacrificed a lot for him, which includes “pushing away” the guy who loved me for 3 years.
I wish he knew that i’m desperately waiting for him to pick me, instead of her.
I wish he knew that i’m afraid — afraid that all the conversations we had, and all the looks we shared everyday will just be put to waste.
I wish he knew that i planned to distance myself away from him.
I wish he would stop playing with my heart.
I wish he would stop making me feel like a fool.

I wish I would stop believing in all his lies.
I wish I would stop acting like a fool for him.

I lied when I said I was over you. I miss you so badly and It kills me to see you with her. You’re the only person I’ve ever loved.

You and her

I try and get myself to believe that hearing things about you and “her” does not hurt, but it does. I don’t regret my choices, but why do I still miss you? The best thing for me to do is move on, that’s what I wanted from the start, was to move on. I’m trying my best.. Fuck You

Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010

You :')

Aryo Prasetyo :*

Hey dear, I just wanna make you realized.... you must know!

-No one ever saw me like you do

-No one ever love me like you do

-No one ever miss me like you do

-I will never find, another you

-You make me believe that there's nothing in this world I can't be :')

- I love your warm hug

- How much I need you in my life

- How precious you're in my life

I love you, so much. Don't leave me please, I really love you, and
never wanna let you go :')





" I've left you. biggest mistake of my life. Now I want you and you with someone else. I miss the talks that we had."

" No matter how badly your heart is broken, the world does not stop for your grief."

"I have been heart broken. You can't breathe, your eyes are pouring a thousand tears a second and you can't foresee going on with love because you never want to feel this way again. But then you have to look in the mirror and say 'Shut up, eat some ice cream, be by yourself for a while and think about who you are and who you want to be - then, go out and find someone compatible.' A broken heart feels like the worst thing in the whole world, but it really helps you decide what you want and don't want. You learn a lot from a broken heart."

" Of course you're gonna get your heart broken. And it isn't just gonna happen once, but a lot. That's just part of growing up, and it makes you stronger. Then you can handle the pain even better the next time. You may not get through it yourself, but your friends will help you to do it. And you'll be a stronger person because of it. Then, one day, someone will come along, and it will all pay off, and no one will ever break your heart again."